The IASP World Congress in Oslo

The XXVII World Congress of the IASP will be held in Oslo, the capital of Norway, September 24th to 28th 2013. Norway launched its first National strategy for suicide prevention in 1994, a strategy that has since been revised two times. Supported by national and regional authorities many suicide preventive initiatives and activities have taken place over this time span and suicidological prevention, research and development has a good basis in institutions, clinical practice and the NGO and volunteer sector in Norway. A national centre for suicide research and prevention (NSSF) and five regional centres (RVTS) throughout the country provide research, expert advice and teaching to support the National strategy.


The International Association for Suicide prevention (IASP) is a non-profit organization for those interested and working in the field of suicide prevention. The organization functions as network for individuals (clinicians, scientists, crisis workers and volunteers, people who have lost family members to suicide, or someone to whom they feel close) and community, national and international organizations. The organization, with members in more than 50 countries, is recognized by and cooperates with the World Health Organization (WHO). IASP along with WHO initiated the World Suicide Prevention Day, which is held every year on the 10th of September.

IASP BOARD, 2011-2013

President Dr Lanny Berman
1st Vice President Professor Marco Sarchiapone
2nd Vice President Dr Ella Arensman
3rd Vice President Professor Paul Yip
Treasurer Professor Michael R. Phillips
General Secretary Dr Tony Davis
National Rep. Dr Murad Khan
Organisational Rep. Dr Jerry Reed