Accompanying persons' programme

Wednesday 25 September

Photo:Nancy Bundt
Duration: 4 hours (daytime)
Start/end: Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel
A guided tour of Oslo’s most visited sites: The Viking Ships, Vigeland Sculpture Park, Holmenkollen Ski Jump.

This tour enables you to get an overall impression of Oslo. Our tour bus brings us through Oslo’s main business- and shopping streets, passing by the Royal Palace, the Opera House, Oslo City Hall, the harbour, and other landmarks. We continue to the Bygdøy peninsula, where a cluster of museums are located. We visit the Viking Ship Museum featuring the 9th century Oseberg and Gokstad ships, by far the world’s best preserved viking ships. These magnificent longboats and the treasures uncovered with them rank among Norway’s most important historical finds.

Next, we visit the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the most popular tourist attraction in Oslo. Sculptor Gustav Vigeland (1869 - 1943) illustrated the circle of life in more than 200 granite and bronze sculptures. The tour includes a visit to the famous – and recently rebuilt – Holmenkollen ski jump. Breathtaking views from the ski jump area, perched 400 metres above sea-level.

Price per person:
NOK 395, including transportation, guide and entrance fees (Min. 30 persons)

Friday 27 September

Photo:Knut Øystein Nerdrum
Duration: 3,5 hours (daytime)
Start/end: Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel
Our guided tour brings us to two of Oslo’s most important galleries: the Munch Museum and the National Gallery.

The Munch Museum houses the largest collection of works by Norway’s famous pioneer expressionist painter, Edvard Munch. When Munch died in January of 1944, he had unconditionally bequeathed all his remaining works to the City of Oslo. Today, the museum presents the breadth and diversity of his artwork through frequently changing exhibitions.

The National Gallery houses the largest public collection of Norwegian and international paintings, as well as drawings and graphic art up to 1945, with an emphasis on major works from the National Romantic period of the close of the 19th century. One hall is devoted to Edvard Munch’s works – among them The Scream and Madonna.

Price per person:
NOK 375, including transportation, guide and entrance fees (Min. 30 persons)